Artist rendering of the new school building
4/18/2017 Its about to get real
4/18/2017 Survey equipment
Dirt prep begins 4/20/2017
Dirt work continues 4/28/17
Backhoe & Dozer Work
All this rain and there is still dust.
Hauling in Dirt 5/16/2017
Hauling in Dirt 5/18/2017
Ground Breaking 5/26/2017
Fun Day 2017
Game Time
Mrs. Jefferson, our Foster Grandparent
Sharing the Secretary's Day goodies
Annual Agri Cookout 2017
Annual Agri Cookout 2017
2017 DeKalb (Agri) Award Winner
Thank you Mr. Erwin
Every Girls Crazy 'bout a Sharp Dressed Man
Prom Night 2017
A hard day a work, LOL...No it;s the Lifeshare Blood Drive
Selling some goodies at the ACT Bootcamp
Friendly Advice
ACT Aspire Bootcamp
Play Ball
Even Made the Newspaper
Headed to Lunch
Last First Day
Senior Breakfast
Registration Day
Do you want to talk to the one in charge or the one who knows what's going on?
Grandparent's Day Program
Grandparent's Day Program
100th Day of School
Christmas Band Concert
RAPTRS on a Christmas Break Field Trip
Valentine's Party
Principal Josh Kessler
Student/Faculty Game
Mineral Springs 100 Years Ago
The old train depot
Drum Major
Thanks Mr. Turner, For Everything

It is a goal of MSSD to showcase our students, staff & happenings of our school through the above slideshow. We Strive not to show any pictures of students who do not wish to be or their parents do not wish for them to be posted. If we have accidently posted a picture of your child, please contact us 870-287-4748 ext 251. Thank You

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